Todays artist in the spotlight is the 19 year old Venezuelan born Victoria Rojas. The multifaceted art student, currently based in Naperville, Illinois first picked up a ukulele at the age of 14 and taught herself to play both the guitar and piano.

Most of what I write is based on what I am feeling in the moment or topics that aren’t usually touched on by most mainstream artists like poverty or materialism

Like many musicians, Victoria got her start in the church choir, where she sang for 6 years. Now days you can find her smooth bluesy voice covering tracks like Post Malones 'White Iverson' or on more indie tracks like Kali Uchis 'loner.'

She also has originals. Taking advantage of the new wave of opportunities in todays more digital free space platforms, she utilizes sites like soundcloud to share her music. Much of which (oddly) has that very smooth California feel. With deep lyrics and insightful plotlines, her songs are refreshingly stripped down and honest. Her voice is deep and sultry with a lowkey air of cool.

She's also an artist. Heres a painting by  Rojas  titled "Touch Me."

She's also an artist. Heres a painting by Rojas titled "Touch Me."


If you're looking for new music, circlevida gots you. Give her a listen below and let us know what you think!