We're asking for substance. 

 By Priscilla Celestial


Music is important.
Some people need music to breathe. Really. Just to breathe. Music is alive. She dances. I cant stress it enough. Genuinely and purely, music can save lives. She does save lives, everyday. Whether you're the musician whose playing with vibration and your emotions or the human on the other end whose connecting to it… Its important.

Im not into politics, its a broken machine to me, so I wont get too deep here. Im not a businesswoman in the real sense of the word, so I wont talk business either. What I am tho, is a human being dealing with human emotions. Human life. Important things. Real shit. Just like everyone else on the entire planet.

 I once had a stupid conversation with a friend, and he stopped and said pretty seriously, “what even is singing?” I laughed for a good minute before the question resonated… what even is music?

"vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion"

 Anyways, writing is just expressing and heres me expressing myself: I believe music is important and I believe it can change the world. 

 Now heres what I really want to say.

 What the fuck is going on with todays so called mainstream music?
Is that loaded? Scratch that. Stupid question. Like I said I wont get political or speak of the business end. Different question. Actually no question, statement:   

 Dear musicians of the planet, this is a plea and a message to your inner being. Whoever it is you are behind your eyes, is who I want to speak to. We're not asking for much, were asking for substance. People do care. I care. I don’t need to dance. I don’t need to rage. I need to feel. Keep music honest. Keep music real. You’re loved, you’re needed. You're more important to this planet than you probably know and your responsibility is too. Keep your music real. We need it more than ever. You know who you are. Im talking to you, because were all going crazy here and music helps keep us sane.