Have you ever heard a song and felt like the world stood still and sped up all at the same time? That is how it feels like to listen to K.flay. Who is K.flay ? Shes kind of like a mix between a rapper and a hot pocket. If a hot pocket is as addicting to you as it is to me. Bad example.

 Anyways, Flay makes us believe that true expressive music is not "dead". It’s not all corporations and artists having their lyrics written for them. Dope music is still out there, now more than ever if you just look for it. Her blunt honesty inspires us to be our shitty selves. Her lyrics are so relatable, it seems as if every word was written for you personally, on your worst (or best) day.

 Touring the world in her Doc Martens, k flay is changing it. She unknowingly encourages listeners to pursue their dreams. To be honest. To be real. To not be so DAMN self aware and maybe find the twisted humor in it all.

Through her heavy bass and unique vocals she transfers a powerful energy of utter realness. Every single song of hers is our favorite song of hers. As for her live shows, be ready to throw your hands up and witness the best damn dance moves ever.

K.flay is so uncool that she's cool and vice versa.  (And was cool even before Taylor Swift put her song "It's Strange" on her  "New songs that will make your life more awesome!(I promise)" list). However, that song will DEFINITELY make your life more awesome. So get in your car, make sure the volume is turned up, press play, and be prepared to dread reaching your destination because that means you have to wait to listen to more.

"Thank you guys for supporting the music & for coming out to the shows without you i’d be chopped liver and while chopped liver is good on crackers it’s less good inside ur body" - k.flay via tumblr