Backstage at Bardot with Cannons

Its always exciting to find new music. Especially the kind of music you fall for on the first play. This Los Angeles band definitely gets a second. Meet Cannons, the three piece Los Angeles natives who have been making tunes together since 2013. They consist of vocalist Michelle Joy who also plays keys, Paul Davis (guitar, bass, keys) and Ryan Clapham (guitar, bass, drums, keys).

Their music is a total come-on that almost dares you to approach. Cannons pull off the ever popular electronic sound, but not before mixing it with what we can only call neon soul. With Joys creamy vocals and their perfect beat drops, Cannons music comes to life and somehow makes it hard to think straight. When asked about the very first album they remember buying, she admits with a laugh that her first cassette tapes were stolen (albeit from her dad). "I took all of the Marah Carey cassettes." We do have to warn, Cannons wont hesitate to leave you floating through their melodies, long after they've left the stage.


                              photo by  Priscilla Celestial  for  TheCircleVida

                              photo by Priscilla Celestial for TheCircleVida

Their music translates to feelings, and if making people dance is their mission, mission accomplished. With 3 EPs and more on the way, its time to get familiar with Cannons.

Thecirclevida got the chance to hang with Cannons Monday night in LA before their performance for itsaschoolnight to talk music and of course, pick up lines...


Their band name was actually taken from a book series called 33 1/3. Which we found out is a sequence of books written about different musical albums. While reading one for the album 'Loveless' by My Bloody Valentine,  they came across the description of a sound that hit so hard it could only be called a cannon.



What made you guys want to get into music?

"That's a loaded question, haha music is, it feels like one of the most important things to me."

When we asked our very serious question, whats your best pickup line? We were met with the rare,

"we were just talking about that!." Which basically won us over. Their best? "Are you guys sisters?"

         photo by  Priscilla Celestial  for  TheCircleVida

         photo by Priscilla Celestial for TheCircleVida


Where do you guys see yourself in 5 years?

"Together, and playing the stage behind us." They answered, speaking of Avalon in Los Angeles.

To hear more from Cannons peep their soundcloud or facebook pages!



Article by Priscilla Celestial