On The Curb With Boychick

We caught up with Boychick, a San Diego band with a classic sound and an almost retro vibe. Think indie rock but wavier. The groups a four piece with singer Dani Bell, Chris Gorrie on bass, siblings Carmen Martinez (on drums) and Robert Martinez on the guitar. The band, whose been playing together for almost two years came up with the name 'boychick' after entering all their names into a word scrambler. It fits perfectly, just like this four piece' sound.

photo by Priscilla celestial

photo by Priscilla celestial

      Danis voice is dreamy but with a flair that screams nightmare. Which is just the level of deepness you need to get hooked on their sound. Her tone has a pretty darkness to it that gives boychick the edge of transitioning smoothly between the contrast of a light airy sound (like their song driving me crazy’and a much deeper, heavier sound like got you’ or ‘burn it all down

   The first time i caught up with boychick was at the Merrow, a small bar/music venue in San Diego. Styled in a trench coat and hair right out of the 60's, Dani Bell The 22 year old lead singer with the quiet demeanor is nothing less than a classic rockstar when she's on the stage. She's amplified by the bands guitarist, Robert who plays the riffs. Bassist, Chris lays the foundations and flows with the drum beats . If you're into good music, Boychick is the kind of band you're glad to find early. They've played shows up the West Coast, even hitting San Francisco.

After watching them play to full st patricks day crowd at the House of blues in San Diego, we hung out with boychick on a curb in downtown to talk music, ollies and pickup lines. This beautiful mess is what happened...

 **bloopers have absolutely been included, because my life is a blooper. enjoy.
article by Priscilla Celestial