For those wondering

I recently posted something on twitter I didn't think anyone would see, it went like this:

"Kali uchis is a light bulb and I pray for her everyday because I know what this world does to light bulbs."

For anyone who is confused by this, or is wondering what I meant, this is for you. At first I wasn't going to write anything because I figured that some people would instantly get it and others wouldn't, and that's okay. Thinking about it now, its kind of important. I used the word "light bulb" because it was as close as I could personally get at explaining it in a word. So let me try to explain this...

Certain people I believe, see things differently (or correctly) and I believe that Kali is one of them. Theres a lot of things that aren't right in the world right now and even though I'm pretty sure we all know it, not a lot of us are really doing our thing to change it. Everyone has a thing. Whatever you love, that's YOUR thing.

Certain people, especially some artist, musicians, writers and just people who live life differently in general are more sensitive and in tune with these things. They believe in dreams. Like actually. They fight everyday to be themselves and to express that. They deal with a lot of shit. The world isn't easy on dreamers, thinkers, doers or anyone with a strong mind who thinks for themselves. Thinking for yourself can actually get you into some trouble. Having ideas. Being yourself. Its not easy and I just really love and respect people who fight that struggle everyday. Especially the ones out there trying to inspire other people to do the same. I think that they are lights in this world. We need more. I've seen the story play out time and time again and so yes, I pray for Kali because that road is never easy but it is worth it.

Listen to Lauryn Hills "I get out." light bulb.

Watch Amy Winehouse interviews, where she's defiantly trying to be Herself. Light bulb.

Theres 100943084093 stories.

Lets change shit.

<3 Priscilla