Meet Bakkuda

Photography by Priscilla Celestial

Photography by Priscilla Celestial


    Meet Alex Capella, aka Bakkuda, the 25 year old singer/producer making waves in the San Diego music scene. We got the chance to catch a few of her shows at the Casbah and the hideout. Her heavy synth sound mixed with her ice cream vocals give off an almost spacey vibe.  Her energy and presence on stage is contagious and while most people felt the urge to dance, some of us were too captivated to move. Her set is transcendent, with lights and fog you almost feel like your being transported inside Bakkudas mind.


Swimming in the lights with her bad ass dance moves and grimy style, Capella turns into a monster when shes on the stage. With a new ep coming out in June, Capella is one to watch.

Bakkuda Live At Casbah San Diego, C.A. courtesy of AcidTones

 Are you a San diego local?

I am! Originally from the northeast but I've been in SD for about 8 years now.

 when did you realize that you wanted to be a musician?

I've been singing forever but I realized I really loved to sing when I was 17. That's when I started a band and started playing shows and really became a fan of music.

 Choosing to be a musician is a little different from the society norm. Did you ever doubt or fear your decision? If so how did you get past that fear/doubt?

Absolutely. I question it quite often actually. Not really in a serious way because, obviously, I'm still doing it and still have a deep love for what I do, but in a “what if this doesn't work?” kind of way. I push those thoughts away pretty quickly, though. No matter what you do, failure is always a possibility. So why not do exactly what you love? A college degree doesn't guarantee much these days anyway.


photography by Priscilla Celestial

photography by Priscilla Celestial


what inspires you as an artist?

I recently realized what inspires me a lot are movies and books and TV. Basically stories and characters that I love. I think that's why my music tends to have a very cinematic quality, because when I visualize things it's always very movie-like in my head. I can't wait to have an actual budget for things like photo shoots and video shoots because I have so many ideas for hugely cinematic visuals. Like, in dreamland...if I could get Guillermo del Toro or Peter Jackson or Sofia Copola to direct a music video of mine that would complete my life. As far as lyrics though I just write about personal experiences and thoughts mostly.


photography by Priscilla Celestial

photography by Priscilla Celestial

"No matter what you do, failure is always a possibility. So why not do exactly what you love?"


Do you worry about the stigma, being a female producer in a male dominated industry?

Not really. I've never really faced any discrimination for being a female producer myself, but I have heard about it happening to other people a lot. I just like to promote it because otherwise I think people would assume some guy writes my music for me. The whole singer/producer combo still isn't super popular I think, so I don't get mad at people for assuming, but at the same time I do take time to correct them or state during my shows and stuff that I make all my music myself so that I can encourage other girls to produce music. At my last show a girl came up to me and said she felt inspired to continue messing around with her producing skills and that was really special and stuff like that lets me know I'm moving in the right direction.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Pretty much what you see now but on steroids haha so playing all over the world and making an actual income, that's the goal.

Photography by Priscilla Celestial

Photography by Priscilla Celestial


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Article by Priscilla Celestial